Salty Lark Dance is a Chicago-based company performing original dance works by Artistic Director Madeleine Reber. Our work examines the substance of human experience through deeply embodied movement practice, and ongoing investigations of the relationship between composition, sensed experience, movement, visual image, and meaning making.

 “I make dances to channel felt experience into tangible form. Choreography serves as a medium through which to explore ideas in a process that moves between aesthetic, somatic, intellectual, intuitive, and emotional exploration. I value the sensitive investigation of this process, the back and forth between acting upon and observing the emerging dance. Dance making for me is a bit like dreaming, as movement and image fold into or sit next to one another in a kind of collage of possible meanings. Though not in literal, narrative form, I aim to convey a human story.”

-Artistic Director, Madeleine Reber

"...along with fostering a company of exquisitely trained dancers, Reber is adept at creating specific atmospheres in her work that evoke time periods, rooms, and circumstances where the dancers reside."
-Joanna Furnans, Art Intercepts
"From the opening note they captured us until the lights dimmed -- I felt that was my first breath. Those that invest their time into Salty Lark Dance will be rewarded and will stand witness to a beautiful, interdependent celebration of human struggle and the emergence of one heck of a talented company."

-Audience review from the Minnesota Fringe Festival