Integrated Movement Sessions 
(Individual or small group lessons available)

Integrated Movement Sessions employ Bartenieff Fundamentals and the comprehensive Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) ¬≠system to foster body integration, internal awareness, movement efficiency and ease, and dynamic expressivity. This somatic work approaches body learning from a "whole person" perspective, a curious investigation of one's movement preferences and a process of learning new patterns to open up a dynamic range of movement possibilities. By engaging Patterns of Total Body Connectivity - basic to human development - we re-pattern deep support for efficient movement. 

We balance mobility and stability in the body to find ease and energy in everyday activities (walking, driving, cooking, desk work) and greater facility in any movement practice (dance, martial arts, theater, sports). We work with expressive and qualitative aspects of movement to learn more about who we are as movers and people and to integrate inner function with outer expression.

Madeleine Reber, MFA, CLMA is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, educator, and choreographer. She has been teaching movement for more than 15 years in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Ohio, North Carolina and Illinois. Her approach to Integrated Movement Training is based in LMA and informed by multiple somatic practices, dance, experiential anatomy and many years of movement study. Madeleine has served on the dance faculty of East Carolina University and the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. In the Chicago area, she teaches at Columbia College, Dovetail Studios, Lou Conte Dance Studio, and DePaul University. 

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